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Celebrities are getting publicly shamed for their indiscretions more and more. Cosby, Katt Williams and Mel Gibson, have all come under public shame for their victimizing normal people like you and me. But you know who wasn’t been taken to task on a worldwide public scale yet? This sick fuck:

Last year one Rick Springfield was taken to court in Syracuse, NY for attacking a fan of the artist with his butt. In an article from Syracuse.com it was revealed that Springfield’s blue-jeaned behind caused “serious, permanent, and disabling injuries” to one Vicki Calcagno while she stood in the crowd at the State fair. If you ask me, that’s just sick. Attacking your fans with your butt? He took the title of this song a little too far:

Yeah, “Human Touch” doesn’t mean assault with a deadly ass, my friend. The ass in question can be seen on Syracuse.com. (Trigger warning if you have been assaulted by an 80’s rocker’s butt).

Look at this sick fuck:

In God’s court of law, UNDER OATH, Rick said it’s common for women at his concerts to “grab my butt if they’re feeling a little saucy.” A little saucy? Maybe we should have seen it coming with filth songs like this one:

Unfortunately in this sick world of Obama’s America, Rick Springfield was found not guilty of this horrible ass assault. The only way to stop this man is to share this post on FB, Twitter and Linkedin. Use the hashtag #ricksasskills.

Oh and here’s “Jessie’s Girl,” obviously: