RGIII Dick Pics ATTN: Meredith Barber We Will Offer the Following
Philip Chevalier | Jul 18, 2013 | 3:45PM |
rgII whoops...

This week, Busted Coverage posted a series of screenshots implicating Washington D.C.’s most recent football savior Robert Griffin III in a sexting scandal which, if authenticated, promises to take Brett Favre and raise him a few career-damaging inches. The woman, a one Meredith Barber  – VCU student and Hooters waitress – reports to have received many pictures over time from the star athlete, the most controversial ones time-stamped on the day of RGIII’s wedding. If we or anyone else get our hands on those puppies, everyone should prepare themselves for a new World’s Most Famous Penis.

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 3.10.37 PM

The story got far crazier earlier today when Dead Spin received an email from someone claiming to be Meredith’s ex-boyfriend, “offering to sell [them] ‘information, text messages, FaceTime screenshots, pictures, you name it, proving that it was indeed him and he’s been up to it for some time.’ … In a subsequent email, he wrote, ‘This is the next Brett Favre story, if not even bigger,’ and demanded $25,000—or $13,000 more than we paid for the Favre voicemails and photos.”

We recommend reading those articles for the full scoop — right now, we have more pressing business to handle…

mere bere

Dear Meredith,

Hi. You doin’ ok? We want those dick pics. Please consider any or all of the following as a form of payment:

Spring Breakers coasters?

photo (7)

Whatever’s left in this Diet Coke and this Barrel of Caramel Popcorn?

photo (3)

Ok, Ok, you can have all three…

photo (6)

And Any Kind of Fucking Coffee You Could Ever Want

photo (1)

I should tell you though that this is only available at our office in DC and only on weekdays between the hours of 11-4, but you can drink as much of it as you want!

Our Own Dick Pics

Just saying, it’s an option.

Beyonce Tickets

Or really any indie rock show in DC. You name it. You wouldn’t happen to be Dawes fan would you?

Our Fridge is Your Fridge, See Anything You Want?

photo (5)


These pics are just not cutting it. Let us know if we can offer you a Rolling Rock with Lime Juice! We think you’re awesome.

rgII whoops...