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By Jade Salazar

Last Thursday at Wonderland Ballroom, author Marcus Bird delighted an intimate crowd with a reading from his first novel, “Sex, Drugs & Jerk Chicken.” The novel, based on his time in DC explores not just the nightlife throughout different regions of the city, but also the emotional struggles of three leading characters.

During Bird’s reading, he picked excerpts from the lives and minds of each of the three Jamaican men. As he explained, aside from the Gossip Girl and Sex and The City stories of women coming into their own in the big city, Bird feels his novel is one of the few stories from a young, male point of view. The main characters struggle with heavy-hitting issues like drugs, a suicide of a close friend and the turmoils of a haunting love.

The words themselves were quite descriptive in a way that multiple people in the audience were easily able to see their own stories in them. It will also be an interesting view of the distinct DC nightlife for people unfamiliar with our city. As Bird’s first novel, it is said to be the first among multiple novels describing his time in Tokyo, Japan and his current home in Kingston, Jamaica.

“Sex, Drugs & Jerk Chicken” is available on Amazon. Check out Bird at marcuskbird.com for more information and work by the author.