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Everyone put their hands together for Christina who just arrived back to DC from England and Sweden and was promptly recruited as one of our new contributors. Play nice.-Svetlana

BaileFunking : Bonde Do Role show

What can I say about a band that somehow squeezes in The Final Countdown amidst oohs and ahhs of gyrating indie kids. In one word: PARTY. In Two words: DANCE PARTY. The last time I saw this band perform was in the mud in Denmark with hundreds of dirty Scandinavians. So, although what I witnessed was awesome , I couldn’t really enjoy it. But here they were, in DC , playing to a much smaller group at the Black Cat and making me almost pee my pants with glee.

Another question, why are all these new Brazilian bands soo cute???? First CSS, a teenage boys wet dream, and now upping the ante on the cuteness scale is Bonde Do Role. If Marina, Pedro or DJ Gorky are reading this: Please have all my babies. I don’t know if it was Marinas spandex leggings, Pedros water spewing or DJ Gorkys overall amazingness. At one point, they brought a young boy on stage ( aka Gorkys #1 fan) who proclaimed ” the sexiest man in all of Brazil : The Gorky machine!!!”. That shows you the level of excited-ness in the place.

Well, their performance lived up to my expectations. Short and sweet and full of energy. Dj Gorky delighted us all with his grunty singing that mushed his face up into a distorted little ball. Yes, he tried that hard. It didn’t matter if you didn’t understand Portuguese, it sounded so charming that it just melted in your ears. Marina and Pedro pound their fists in the air, humped each other and yelled Robot Rock! directly in our faces. Between that and all their music, I couldn’t really keep up. I do know Daft Punk made several appearances on their repertoire and Dj Gorky sure knows how to mix the Baile Funk. If you cant see them live , have a listen to With Lasers, their newest album. If you can see them live, take me with.


also, re: the openers:
I caught most of Plastic Littles performance and was amused, shocked and slightly dizzy. Rapping to everything from crunk to early 90s rock to booty house, they pretty much set the stage for the headliners. Everyone was definitely in dance mode. If rap was meant to be funny, dirty and clever, they perfected it.