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By Todd O’Neil

WARNING! A nuclear missile carrier is leaking radiation and its fail safe has been activated. The carrier has locked in on home base for repairs. It’s your job to clear the path to ensure that the missile makes it safely home. If the carrier touches anything, the missile explodes and you lose. Don’t fret, Blast Corps’ story is simply a vessel for wanton destruction.

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 11.24.24 AM

This box art appealed to 15 year old me

So you’ve got to clear a path for a runaway nuclear missile carrier. How should you do it? If you said a variety of vehicles and robots, you’re correct! Vehicles range from the mundane bulldozer, to a tricky to master J-turning dump truck, to a speedy rocket launching, tri-wheeled cart. The mechs are the real stars. The J-Bomb’s jet pack brings you high above buildings so that you can ground pound them into oblivion, while the Thunderfist goes into a powerful roll before bringing down its enormous hand on any buildings in its way.


Just a sampling of the available vehicles

The game is only 1-player, but it is definitely better when enjoyed with friends. Each stage can be completed in a few minutes which is perfect for controller passing, couch gaming. You’ll have a lot of fun yelling at your friend as he tries to swing his dump truck into a building while the carrier is just feet away from impact.

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 11.25.18 AM

Hmm, bulldozer or mech?

Blast Corps was developed by Rare. Rare is the studio that brought you Goldeneye, Donkey Kong Country, Battletoads, Perfect Dark, and many other classic games. Blast Corps has the distinction of being Rare’s first game released on the Nintendo 64. But if you have an Xbox One, you can play Blast Corps as a part of the recently released Rare Replay. For $30 dollars you get 30 Rare developed games. It’s an amazing deal for so many fantastic games.

It’s time for me to close some gaps in my gaming history. I’m ashamed to say that I have never played Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. That all changes next time!