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Resilience 2032 is a super cool and immersive theater project that’s set to play out on social media Sept 12-Oct 12; the producers have been hosting two online events every week for the past six months to gain insight from experts and futurists about what 2032 might look like, and climate change, tech developments, and societal inequality are all at the forefront of their explorations.

“We have the power to shape our future, but only if we can imagine it first,” says director, Christy Casey. “The reason we’re building a fictional future is to engage the potential voters & change-makers of today, and inspire them to take action now.”

She adds, “As a futurist & an experience creator, I believe future entertainment experiences will function a lot more like social media, where the story-world becomes a platform for participants to become part of a cinematic universe and share their point of view in the story.”

The plot:

The year is 2032. The UN sustainable development goals are 2 years overdue and the US is set to elect a new president. A surprising candidate has risen to the front of the pack. Sage Moore (played by MorningStar Angeline) is an indigenous Latinx woman who has continually beaten the odds & disrupted the status quo during her time in Congress. She has been rallying for land sovereignty, fighting for justice & equality, and inspiring global citizenship. Will her inclusive vision mobilize enough voters and change the tide for our future? It’s up to you!

So, what exactly is social media theater? Basically, it’s immersive and interactive storytelling that unfolds just like your real-life social feed, except it’s fiction. Resilience 2032’s fictional reality will be live across platforms including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, & TikTok. It’s all remote (aka COVID-proof), and is an updated version of Alternate Reality Games  (ARGs); you can chat with characters, create content that will affect the story, attend live events and even appear as a guest on the 2032 talk show Disquisitiv. The producers are also creating a suite of augmented reality (AR) filters, and an AI bot, which is P. FLIPPIN’ RAD!

The social media experience launches next month, but in the meantime there are plenty of ways to get involved beyond donating to their Kickstarter! They host two weekly events: a Future Forecasting Discussion live on Facebook at 8pm ET Wednesdays (in which they speak to experts about a new theme each week), and a Resilient Futures Workshop every Saturday at 2pm on Zoom, where you’re invited to co-create the future with the Resilience team.

There are augmented reality filters on Resilience’s Instagram page, that you can share in Stories, Reels, and live streams, and their #ISeeMoore challenge invites you to share your vision for the future by responding to the prompt “I see more ______ for our future.”

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