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This is why I hate Republicans.

I just saw “Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture” at the Portrait Gallery. It was a great show featuring great portraiture by great gays of some great gays.

But one piece was missing, the 30 minute video, “A Fire in My Belly” by David Wojnarowicz- a metaphor for the AIDS epidemic featuring all that classic Homo-Catholic imagery  guaranteed to piss off Republicans in charge of allocating a museum budget.

In the season of Jesus’ birth and conservative ego-tripping, the National Portrait Gallery/the Smithsonian Institution has bowed to political pressure and removed Wojnarowicz’s piece.

Here is an edited 4 minute youtube-safe version:

I dunno, I think rabbis crawling on naked Christ is pretty sweet. So sweet that I’m going to go watch the piece at Transformer gallery on 14th and P all day.