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As state legislators close in on Roe v. Wade, people are feeling discouraged on the state of reproductive rights in America. In response to the slew of restrictive laws popping up around the country, we thought it would be a good time to roll out a list of volunteer opportunities that can help people feel safer as they pursue abortions and other reproductive health services. If you’ve been meaning to get out and create some reproductive justice, this list is the perfect jumpstart.

Planned Parenthood

The annual Capital Pride Parade is this weekend, and Planned Parenthood will be there. Volunteer or march with Planned Parenthood on June 8 to voice your support for reproductive health services. Sign up for urgent alerts to be notified whenever Planned Parenthood needs help in your area, either as an escort or to contact your representative when reproductive health legislation takes the floor. You get the added bonus of volunteering for an organization that provides contraception and comprehensive family planning. And maybe donate. They’d appreciate it.


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DC Abortion Fund

There are many people in need of abortions who simply do not have the funds or the insurance to cover the costs. That’s where the DC Abortion Fund comes in. A nonprofit run entirely by volunteers, they provide grants to abortion patients in need of financial aid. Volunteer as a case manager to answer calls and help patients meet the costs of their procedures.


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Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force

It’s as cool as it sounds. This nonviolent volunteer group is directly founded to protect patients and their providers from anti-abortion protestors that might flock and harass clinics. WACDTF trains volunteers and escorts on how to diffuse situations that might otherwise lead to harming patients. Click here to RSVP for a training session and be a force of good.

Abortion Access Force

Founded by Lizz Winstead, co-creator of The Daily Show, AAF uses comedy and culture to push forward on reproductive justice. Sign up to help escort patients to clinics and register people to vote for pro-choice candidates in 2020, or organize meetups and events with AAF to raise money and awareness.


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National Women’s Law Center

NWLC provides resources that keep you up to date on policies that help or hurt reproductive justice. They’re looking for volunteers to call D.C. representatives and canvas for pro-choice candidates running for office. Their action center provides good ideas on how otherwise to get involved in your community. They’re also welcoming to medical and law students who might want to put their skills to good use.


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The best way to get involved, though, is to contact local abortion clinics directly and see what sort of individual volunteer opportunities they might have. Many are looking for escorts for patients and their families, and to push back against protestors that might create a real and present danger to abortion providers and their patients. In the District, there are a number to choose from: