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All photos: Emily Cohen
Vans Warped Tour stopped by Merriweather Post Pavilion on Tuesday, creating a massive spectacle of all things rock n’ roll.  The Merriweather campus was full of devoted fans, most showing no signs of curbing their enthusiasm despite the intense, humid heat.  Close to 100 bands are featured on the tour and span multiple genres including rock, metal, punk rock, hip-hop, pop punk, post rock, alternative, reggae, pop, death/metalcore, folk, indie, goth, ska and electro: literally something for everyone.  It’s no wonder that the Warped Tour has reached such success, providing great opportunities for bands to gain wide exposure, and allowing fans on a budget to experience band after band without dealing with separate concert tickets and venues, plus access to merch tables and autograph signing.
  • Taking Back Sunday:
Taking Back Sunday Taking Back SundayTaking Back Sunday
The largely youthful crowd exhibited relatively mature behavior even while moshing, crowd surfers were caught near at the lip of the stage by watchful staff personell and helped down gently. The Warped Tour was not only about the music – several tents advocated social causes, fans could skip registration lines by donating canned food or cellphones to be recycled, and surprisingly for a outdoor summer festival, water in several forms was pretty available – bottled water was provided at lower cost, an initiative lead by the Warped Tour promoters, who also provided misting and shade tents for cooling down, and even a “reverse daycare” area for chaperoning parents to chill out. Tons of entertainment opportunities were available in case anyone else’s eardrums needed a break, including tents featuring food, drink, sunglasses, and a host of other sundry products.  Especially when considering the all-ages demographic of the festival, the Warped Tour did a great job of ensuring the safety of all patrons, and plenty of bands offered the chance to meet and greet their fans which encouraged a friendly and welcoming environment. I only saw a few attendees walking around with fresh bandages on their person, the festival’s environment positively influenced by the extensive and well-regulated security provided by Merriweather staff, the tour security as well as the local police department who worked together to ensure smooth sailing without seeming overbearing.
  • All Time Low
All Time Low
According to a local Columbia, MD news article covering the Warped Tour, 18,000 fans were expected to attend, and the extra police efforts needed to assist with traffic and security cost over $20k in overtime. The same article mentioned that no one was arrested at the event and only three people required off-site medical treatment for dehydration. Overall a successful event, and the photos speak for themselves!

Warped Tour 2012

Warped Tour 2012Warped Tour 2012

  • T. Mills

T. Mills T. Mills T. Mills

T. MillsAll Time Low

  • Rob Moore

Rob Moore Warped Tour 2012

  • Yellowcard:

Yellowcard Yellowcard

  • Ballyhoo:


Warped Tour 2012

  • Junior Doctor

Junior Doctor Junior Doctor

Junior Doctor Warped Tour 2012 Warped Tour 2012

  • Atlantic Avenue

Atlantic Avenue Warped Tour 2012

  • Echo Movement

Echo Movement Echo Movement Warped Tour 2012

  • Us & Them

Us & Them Warped Tour 2012