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all words + photos: Kevin Hulse


Miami Music Week hosted many events during this week of Ultra.  If you didn’t get a chance to buy your ticket for Ultra, come to Miami anyways, because some of the events still hold big shows at the After Parties.  Pacha hailing from New York City, they invaded Miami to host particular events throughout the week.  One particular with Mixmag presenting Steve Aoki, Pendulum, Chase and Status and more.  3 Rooms at the Ice Palace.  I managed to muster enough energy to cover this event right after the first night of Ultra.
The Ice Palace was around a construction site and old dingy buildings.  It really was a palace based on how beautiful it looked, in such a “Crummy” area.  People stood in line waiting to get in.  The attendees were the people who still wanted to dance after Ultra and the other half were people who wanted to dance on a Friday night. The sets of Pendulum and Chase and Status were just fillers to get everyone pumped for Steve Aoki.  Not saying bad sets, good, but nothing too specific to write about. However, at 3:25, girls in bikini’s lined the walls in the back of the bar, holding up big red glittery letters that said P-A-C-H-A. Aoki and his entourage entered and began his set promTply at 3:30.
Now, I know I had mentioned that I said Borgore was one of the most energetic shows ive seen, pardon that sentence typo.  I forgot all about Steve Aoki.  Jumping on his D.J. Booth, random screaming and caking people.  Datsik was there to enjoy the moments, along with Dim Mak.  The crowd were at their loudest, screaming in Warp 1.9.

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DAY 3:

So comes the last day of Ultra Music Festival.  I was happy, only because i would get more sleep and rest my weary feet.  Mostly sad because it would mean that this would all come to an end.  I had networked tremendously, made new friends and enjoyed my stay in Miami.
I came a bit late into Ultra on this day but i WOULD NOT miss Steve Aoki.  So i ran, hopped and skipped to Aoki’s set.  3rd times a charm.  Appearances by Miss Alyssa Palmer, Polina and Lil John.  The usual Aoki madness ensued.  From “White Raver Rafting” to “Caking” a special guest.  One girl held up a sign that said “Fuck me with Bass”.  Insanity would not be a good definition.  Nothing fits.
I had linked up with Steve Lawler and got exclusive pictures of his performance from stage.  The British House music producer packed the UMF Brazil tent.
I finish this festival by having exclusive Headaboveheart/Brightest Young Things full access only to Bassnectar.  Not even Ultra Music Festival camera crews/photographers were allowed to film or take photos.  Bassnectar had packed the Live stage.  A guesstimate of 10,000 to 15,000 people strong.  Bassheads everywhere went nuts on the last song.  Va Va Voom, a song that Bassnectar made with Lupe Fiasco.

Be sure to buy your tickets early for next year.  The dates for Ultra Music Festival 2013 ARE March 22nd to the 24th.

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