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all words and photos: Kevin Hulse

Ultra Music Festival and Miami Music Week A.K.A Winter Music Conference is a EDM Lovers SXSW.  The weeklong Electronic Music Conference that coincides with the 13th Annual Ultra Music Festival.
I needed a vacation.  I’ve never been to Miami.  And I watch too much Miami Vice.  So, one thing led to another and … here I was.
Friday’s line up consisted of Skrillex, Afrojack, Pretty Lights, and legends Benny Benassi and Tiesto +live bands such as Neon Indian and Miike Snow graced us with beautiful music.  I also took it upon myself to check out some new tunes such as Nobody Beats The Drum or Richard Dinsdale.  The 3 day event sold out in “Record Time” (read: 20 minutes) and 150,000 people will be attending in the next few fays.
_MG_2485 _MG_2455
Afrojack’s set had the entire flood of people jumping up and down in one fluid motion.  In Unison.  Lil John was there, as an odd Cheerleader to get the crowd even more pumped up, as if they were not already.
After Afrojack was Skrillex. A countdown timer showed on screen, at 4:00.  I was personally excited to see Skrillex in the main stage setting.  The crowd loud with eager anticipation.  As the timer hit 00:00:00,  Skrillex had appeared.  His stage set up was impressive as he performed in an Alien Spaceship.  He opened his set up with “Breakin a Sweat”.  His collaboration with The Doors.  The 3 time Grammy award winner didn’t disappoint, and should have one another grammy for “Deepest and Loudest Bass at Ultra”.  The vibration of the bass pulsating through my body gave me a slight headache after leaving his set and a little nauseous.
_MG_2449 _MG_2297
People from all around the world had come to join this event.  They flocked to this one specific location for one thing.  Music.  I had brief conversations with people from Brazil, Sweden, Norway and Australia.  Flags from different countries and states were shown proudly and scattered throughout the location.  The people’s energy and excitement was uncontrollable and unfathomable.
_MG_2572 _MG_2556

As Shakespeare once said  “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players and they have their exits and enterances”.

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