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all photos: Stephanie Breijo, all brief words: Svetlana

This Sunday, for the third year in a row, DC Central Kitchen Joined forces with IMP/930 Club for a very special afternoon-into-evening fundraiser that is one of BYT’s favorite events of every spring. And considering that it features great food, delicious drinks, excellent music (this year curated by ESL Records) and a good cause/bonus karma points to boot, and all that for a bargain price of $40, it is not hard to see why.

IMG_3140 IMG_3046

The pro move is to show up early and hungry, and allow yourself a solid rotation between the 25 or so food stands occupying the block which this year featured everything from Jose Andres’ PEPE truck serving the most delicious little grilled cheeses and jamon con queso sandwices ever, Dolci Gelati and Shake Shack bringing in some delicious cold treats, our friends over at Pearl Dive and Rappahannock Oysters with some awesome, fresh seafood and more…

IMG_3025 IMG_3053

then, cool off inside with some live performances (which this time around included a stand-out first ever performance by Bone, Fur and Feathers, a local group consisting of some of BYT’s longtime favorites)

IMG_3057 IMG_3069

and then head back outside for the MIXOLOGY MADNESS SMACK-DOWN which debuted at the event this year, as a reiteration on the IRON CHEF concept, only, you know-with alcohol.


I was kindly invited to guest judge it (alongside Gina Chersevani, Todd Thrasher and Spike Mendelsohn) and we watched (and then tasted) as OYAMEL and GIBSON faced off in the first round (secret ingredient: lychees and syrup, and GIBSON won by a hair)

IMG_3186 IMG_3197

and then FUJIMAR and PASSENGER faced off in round 2 (secret ingredient: cucumbers, and PASSENGER won in a landslide)

IMG_3208 IMG_3218 IMG_3225 IMG_3211

with the final face-off including the use of apple cider vinegar and GIBSON taking home the win (though it was close and hey-you guys are ALL WINNERS in our hearts)

IMG_3319 IMG_3312


IMG_3375 IMG_3370


MANY THANKS TO ALL THE RESTAURANTS THAT PARTICIPATED, donating their time and delicious, delicious food:

Even if you didn’t get a chance to make it and YOU WANT TO GET INVOLVED/DONATE TO DC CENTRAL KITCHEN, please click here to learn how: http://www.dccentralkitchen.org/

AND NOW for your scheduled dose of food porn:

IMG_3063 IMG_3095 IMG_3097 IMG_3084 IMG_3089 IMG_3064 IMG_3051 IMG_3048 IMG_2951 IMG_2944 IMG_2949 IMG_2962 IMG_2953 IMG_3105 IMG_2973 IMG_3002 IMG_3012 IMG_2991 IMG_3018 2 IMG_3032 IMG_3131 IMG_3039 IMG_3128 IMG_3125 IMG_3106 IMG_3190 IMG_3170 IMG_3151 IMG_3175 IMG_3155 IMG_3205 IMG_3216 IMG_3224 IMG_3350 IMG_3331 IMG_3318 IMG_3323 IMG_3269 IMG_3257 IMG_3243 IMG_3345 IMG_3353 IMG_3314 IMG_3316 IMG_3307 IMG_3277 IMG_3263 IMG_3362 IMG_3381 IMG_3402