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Words by Shauna Alexander

Photos by Shauna Alexander, Kevin Hulse & Ben Droz

D.C. was out in full force amidst beautiful skies at this year’s Governors Ball on Randall’s Island in New York.  The festival, which held something for everyone from locally famous food trucks, croquet, cornhole, FREE WATER (thank god!), and two massive stages (The Hype Machine Stage and the Honda Stage) that ping-ponged back and forth the daily lineup.  Saturday, with the likes of Santigold, Chromeo, Major Lazer (and a very fine lookin’ Diplo), Duck Sauce, Passion Pit, Kid Cudi, Special Disco Version (James Murphy and Pat Mahoney of DFA/LCD Soundsystem), Penguin Prison, Walk The Moon, Big Gigantic, Art Vs. Science and more… it was certainly more of an electronic/dance vibe that got the younger crowd excited and pumped.  Neon bandeau tops and puffs of curious smoke from the audience became old hat by the end of the very long day.  But that didn’t stop us (and maybe it was because we found a box of cigarettes on the ground that helped us get into the party spirit? ahem) from people watching (in the words of the dudebabes I was with, “whoa, this is festival babe heaven” and “these dubstep kids are insane”) and taking it all in stride.  I mean, there was full frontal female nudity at one point during the Major Lazer set that I could have CERTAINLY done without seeing….


Sunday, however, was y preferred day both on vibe and line-up.  Beck, the charming troubadour that he is, completely nailed a set of greatest hits and a few new tracks once the sun set.  Fiona Apple, despite definitely needing at least 20 cheeseburgers, did the same, leaving the audience in anxious anticipation til “Criminal” — the very last song in the set.  Explosions in the Sky did what they do best — conjure up emotion and positive vibes without the use of lyrics or gimmicks (it was magical, trust me).  Devendra Banhart, Cage The Elephant, The Jezebels (who I was lucky enough to sit down and chat with, so stay tuned for that interview!),  Built To Spill, Cults, Phantagram and Alberta Cross rounded out a solid day of live music, one I would definitely be happy enough to repeat.

Great job and thumbs up to Governors Ball, Big Hassle Media, Founders Entertainment for an awesome festival! Now go on… enjoy the pictures!





GovernorsBall.DayTwo.24June2012-0667GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0535 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0258 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0463 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0461 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0448 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0432 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0394 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0378 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0375 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0371 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0359 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0354 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0358 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0328 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0324 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0317 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0347 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0309 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0292 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0291 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0265 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0263 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0255 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0252 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0246 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0220 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0170 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0128 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0122 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0106 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0101 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0098 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0083 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0074 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0070 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0068 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0067 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0064 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0060 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0050 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0042 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0040 GovernorsBall.DayTwo.24June2012-1162 GovernorsBall.DayTwo.24June2012-0981 GovernorsBall.DayTwo.24June2012-1151 GovernorsBall.DayTwo.24June2012-1102 GovernorsBall.DayTwo.24June2012-1026 GovernorsBall.DayTwo.24June2012-0976 GovernorsBall.DayTwo.24June2012-0923 GovernorsBall.DayTwo.24June2012-0778 GovernorsBall.DayTwo.24June2012-0885 GovernorsBall.DayTwo.24June2012-0916 GovernorsBall.DayTwo.24June2012-0804 GovernorsBall.DayTwo.24June2012-0863 GovernorsBall.DayTwo.24June2012-0771 GovernorsBall.DayTwo.24June2012-0752 GovernorsBall.DayTwo.24June2012-0762 GovernorsBall.DayTwo.24June2012-0606 GovernorsBall.DayTwo.24June2012-0593 GovernorsBall.DayTwo.24June2012-0589 GovernorsBall.DayTwo.24June2012-0547 GovernorsBall.DayTwo.24June2012-0543

GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0524 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0510 GovernorsBall.DayOne.23June2012-0482GovernorsBall.DayTwo.24June2012-0540

Killer shots by Kevin Hulse:

_MG_7266 _MG_7213 _MG_7211 _MG_6389 _MG_6438 _MG_6475 _MG_6483 _MG_6541 _MG_6549 _MG_6563 _MG_6580

_MG_6583 _MG_6644 _MG_6622 _MG_6650 _MG_6628 _MG_6629 _MG_7337_MG_6596 _MG_6645 _MG_7192_MG_6857 _MG_6856 _MG_6848 _MG_6895 _MG_6894 _MG_7162 _MG_7196 _MG_7195 _MG_7188

And some final snaps by Ben Droz:

2012-06-24 GOV BALL NYC  2151 2012-06-24 GOV BALL NYC  2126 2012-06-24 GOV BALL NYC  2129 BYT 2012-06-24 GOV BALL NYC  1390

BYT 2012-06-24 GOV BALL NYC  1386 The Cults, 2012-06-24 GOV BALL NYC  1458

DJ Bonkerz, Silent Disco , 2012-06-24 GOV BALL NYC  1356 Cage the Elephant, 2012-06-24 GOV BALL NYC  1818 DSC_0097 2012-06-24 GOV BALL NYC  22262012-06-23 GOV BALL NYC  616 Chromeo, 2012-06-23 GOV BALL NYC  626 (1) Chromeo, 2012-06-23 GOV BALL NYC  597 2012-06-23 GOV BALL NYC  553