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If you’d like to win tickets to Pauly’s appearance at the 9:30 Club on Saturday, June 30, tell us in the comments section which politician or pundit you’d love to see him troll.

All words: Travis Andrews — All photos: Olivia Alonso

It’s 12 minutes after they were supposed to arrive at Ben’s Chili Bowl, and Olivia, our photographer, and I are making small talk when they walk in. The “they” in question is former (and first black) head of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steele and, obviously, Pauly Shore. I can’t think of one rational reason for these two men not to be together, sharing several chili-themed objects here at Ben’s.


But if you skeptical readers need a reason, then I guess this will suffice: Pauly Shore is filming a barely-scripted comedy special called Pauly-Tics. The show will appear on Shotime and it follows Shore as he takes in some of DC’s historic and culturally relevant sites, such as the memorials and Ben’s Chili Bowl. The show will conclude with a filming at the 9:30 Club on June 30.

Today, he’s filming several segments with Michael Steele, including a lunch at Ben’s.They walk in and Steele is all love and handshakes, while Shore barks a few orders to his crew and plops down at the table. He’s dressed in a nice suit with a large Windsor-knotted tie. A pricetag sneakily peeks out of one of his sleeves: apparently, earlier in the day, Steele took him suit-shopping to help Shore fit into the hardworking world of Washington, D.C.


We’re in a small room in the back, Shore and Steele at at table, a boom mic operator and cameraman at the end, and a few photographers, journalists and PR folks bunched into the doorway. There are about four other tables in here, two with the capacity to hold six people, andeveryone’s faces are ranging from amused to annoyed. After five minutes, Shore offers the room a wave and a “hi.”

They film in three segments, during which Shore and Steele discuss everything from politics to chili. Early on, Shore claims he’ll be running for male, and a large black man nearby yells, “only if you run as a Republican.” The man is promptly invited to sit with the S&S. This interview session ends with Shore asking both of them if the appropriate term is “black” or “African-American.” The guest thinks “African-American” while Steele says “black” is fine.

“I’m just hanging out with my black and my African-American friend,” Shore jokes before asking random folks in the audience for their various takes on the issue.


Some conversation topics from the day:

“Tell me about the hot chicks who are on O’Reilly.”

“What’s better than a hot dog or a chili dog when you’re wasted?”

[On folks like Vitter and Weiner] “Before, you think these guys are scumbags, but then you get here, and you’re like, ‘The girls are so hot.’”

Between the second and third segments, Shore has an idea. He’ll mention Rush Limbaugh and Steele will become inflamed and furious with him and storm out.

Two takes later has Steele angrily walking out, yelling at Shore “I’m gonna Tweet at you bro,” and Shore responding, “I’m your bro now?”


Immediately, release sheets are signed and the crew begins to pack up while Shore gives BYT a couple minutes.
He claims he chose Steele to be on the show, because he used to see the man on television and, “I always liked where he was coming from.” Not to mention, “He was adopted and I did a movie called Adopted.”

Shore says he did the show purely for comedy, with no political agenda, though politics obviously play a part in it (see: the puntastic title).

“It Pauly Shore goes to Washington,” he said. “If you know who Pauly Shore is, and you know what Washington is, then you know what this will be.”

Filming will wrap up at the 9:30 Club on June 30, where Shore will perform along withGodfrey, Rachel Feinstein and Vidur Kapur. During the show he’ll play some music for the crowd as well. He offered a teaser: one of his rap songs is called “Obama got Osama,” which seems ripe for slightly annoying rhyme schemes.

He needs volunteers to help out, and there’s a call for look-a-likes of the followingpeople: Kim Jung il, Ahmadinejad, Putin, Sarah Palin, Obama, Gaddafi, or Saddam Hussein.Creating a one minute YouTube clip and sending it to [email protected] could earnyou a spot.

In addition, he needs rappers, so if you’re so inclined, use these lyrics and this beat and make a one-minute video which can be sent to the same email address.

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