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all photos: Stephanie Breijo, all words: Svetlana

As we all know, if there is one thing (ok, two things) BYT loves more than most other things then those things are: fine food, fine drink and pageantry (ok, three things). So, needless to say, we never ever miss the opportunity to cover RAMW’s annual RAMMY Awards, which is THE food party of the year in DC.


And because The Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington loves a pageant as much as we do, they do throw a great party with a dress up theme to boot and this year they went with “HATS OFF (to Restaurants),” which means that the Marriott Wardman Hotel was jam-packed with all those people who make our dining time amazing, and most of them were wearing fancy headwear. If you are a photographer covering this event, this is the equivalent of heaven.

IMG_8448 IMG_8443

How the evening flows is like this: 6-7pm, a cocktail hour. This, being still during daytime and all, is the cordial part of the evening – dresses and hats are shown off, lots of hugs and congratulations to finalists (all of whom are given big, fat, pink ribbons to roll around with) and such. It is a pretty good time.


IMG_8447 IMG_8438

Then 7-8pm are the awards. RAMW keeps this portion light and snappy, which is always appreciated with an awards ceremony, and on top of the winners voted for by an anonymous judging panel and the people of DC/MD/VA a few special awards are given out, like the Honorary Milestone Rammy which went to The Tune Inn this year and was met with a roomful of applause and love for the Capitol Hill institution.


The big winner of the evening were Jeff & Barbara Black who won the inaugural Restaurateur of the Year Award as well as the Upscale Casual Restaurant (for BlackSalt) and Hottest Bar Scene (for Black Jack) as well as stirred the one notable contr0versy in an otherwise blissfully contr0versialless evening: during his acceptance speech Black several times took a few jabs at the DC food blogging community, causing a relative stir among the 100+ press members in the audience. Oh well. DCist and City Paper (which has, somewhat expectedly, screen shots of blogger reactions to this speech to boot) have written about this too.


Otherwise it was a joyous and cheer heavy evening. Oh, and here is the full list of winners (to be discussed in the comments and/or penciled in for future dining choice reference). CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU FROM US AT BYT:

IMG_8731 IMG_8633

After the ceremony is what everyone looks forward to: the party. As we have learned time and over again, no one parties quite like the food industry folk and when 1,600 of them descend into a ballroom filled with limitless food (stations included Virginia, Chile, Spain, Australia and Cuisine Solutions), cocktails (courtesy of the teams nominated for Best Mixology Program: Room 11, Estadio, Bourbon Steak, etc.) and a big band–the results are bound to be photo gold.


…Which is exactly what we’re going to do here, leave you with the snaps. Hats off DC restaurants, you work hard and you party (possibly even) harder. See you all around all the time, we’re sure.

IMG_8651 IMG_8584 IMG_8605 IMG_8554 IMG_8575 IMG_8545 IMG_8523 IMG_8496 IMG_8445 IMG_8434 IMG_8436 IMG_8430 IMG_8433 IMG_8749 IMG_8753 IMG_8758 IMG_8764 IMG_8759 IMG_8773 IMG_8779 IMG_8781 IMG_8797 IMG_8802 IMG_8799 IMG_8804 IMG_8793 IMG_8813 IMG_8810 IMG_8815 IMG_8818 IMG_8892 IMG_8823 IMG_8834 IMG_8851 IMG_8866 IMG_8906 IMG_8920