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CONGRATULATIONS you can now rent our office (sans all of our weird shit), cause we’re moved to a new WeWork space down the street!

Starting NOW (or Friday, there’s still some stuff inside, more on that in a future post), our hip and trendy office space, located in the 9th Street Corridor, will be open for you to rent and fill with all of your own weird shit. It has lots of awesome amenities INCLUDING hardwood floors, wide open spaces, a bathroom, kitchenette, refrigerator, and a sweet patio deck out back.

Giant and a giant-sized Starbucks are only a short walk away, as is the Mt. Vernon Square Metro station.

More details:

It’s 700 square feet and on the second floor of the building located at 1302 9th Street NW. As it is now, there is a separate office room between the main space and the patio, but that can be opened up because our landlord is a builder and can do construction things and is generally a chill dude.

Once again, it’s now available. Rent is $2600 a month and negotiable. That includes taxes, insurance, water, and optionally some furniture, but electric is all on you. Bonus: August rent is only $2200

Contact [email protected] if you want to take a look.