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I went to the Renaissance Festival opening weekend, took some pictures, ate a lot of food, and counted a grand total of 50 costumed individuals. It was long, dusty and above all, fun day. So here are some of my favorite Instagram photos, with a little bit of commentary. Make sure to check out our reasons to get to Renn Fest and, of course, GET TO RENN FEST! It runs every weekend until the end of October.


Man, I was so prepared in my Star Wars dress. Period appropriate, I know.


This was a cute boy selling way-too-expensive flower crowns. But he was still a cute guy wearing tights so I took a picture. Call me shallow.


They were a pair of attractive pirates who were very kind. Well I guess she’s the only pirate, but still. Her weird shoulder creature looked like a gremlin.


Jesus, the food. I was in heaven. I did not try the fried cheese.


Scotch eggs. They were inhaled. The lady who served me was busting out of her corset and had a fake British accent. I didn’t care. I was hungry.



EVEN MORE FOOD. God, it was beautiful.


They were Superman and Wonder Woman, Renaissance style. Some of the best/more creative costumes.


The legendary turkey leg, halfway devoured.


I conquered it. The consequence: I was a walking oil slick.



The world’s best, and most terrifying, slide. As I walked by, a dad was consoling his sobbing child who had just braved this magnificent attraction. Maybe I’m glorifying the slide a little bit but hey, I’m a sucker for nostalgia. No, I did not ride it because there was too much greasy food building up in my stomach.


Hit him with your stick. Wait… But actually, hearing little kids trying to grasp the concept of jousting was more entertaining than the actual jousting. “He hit him with the stick but didn’t fall off. What is this?” Smart kid.


Just to give you some perspective on how damn dusty it was.


This man was a tree. Just a tree. A silent, walking tree. He wasn’t an entertainer. Just a tree.