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In what is shaping up to be a rather great weekend for music in DC (after a rather great week for music in DC) NOMO is also back in town, tonight @ RNR Hotel.
Nomo is also awesome and we did this awesome (repeats of awesome fully on purpose) live session with them last time they were in town and you should rewatch it RIGHT now because it is…well, awesome.

NOMO, Michigan’s big orchestra/afrobeat/krautrock/Eno inspired bonanza of a music collective zoomed through DC last week on tour to support their new and lauded “Ghost Rock” album (which has been described as “…more electronic, and more natural; it is more exuberant, but darker. More spiritual and hymn like, but also more visceral. The songs are sweet, but they are dirty and distorted. It is as primitive as it is futuristic“) and we had no choice but to send Dave and Ryan and Rodrigo right after them.
The results, more so than ever, are wonderful.

trumpets, congas and percussion musical chairs…it is all there. And more.

NOMO Live session from Svetlana legetic on Vimeo.

download good quality movie: here

video: Dave Adams (http://www.wakeupthegiant.com/) and Ryan Wakeman
sound: Rodrigo Salvatierra

other BYT live sessions can be seen here:

+ Stewart Lupton
+ French Kicks
+ Ravens and Chimes
+ PWRFL Power

We hope you love these as much as we do.

We hope you love these as much as we do.