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We’re super stoked to be premiering Recycled Rebellion: A Robyn Tribute this morning! Officially out this Friday (8/9), the tunes were “compiled and curated by a place both wonderful and strange (ft Russ Marshalek, 1/3 of ADVENTURE[s], founders of The Robyn Party) + knifesex, Recycled Rebellion is a group of weirdos from the fringes of music coming together to celebrate the songs, the music and the power of Robyn.” In other words, it’s a ten-track wonder celebrating everything we love about Robyn through some incredible rethinks by Gaba Ghoulies, Bliss Point, PRIMA PRIMO, Damn the Witch Siren and more. And the best part? All the download proceeds will benefit Sage and New Alternatives to assist GLBTQ elders and youth! (So go ahead and give it a listen below, and then obviously download!) Here’s what Russ Marshalek had to say about the mission behind Recycled Rebellion:

“One of the amazing things that has come with doing the Robyn parties, meeting scores and scores of Robyn fans IRL, and moderating the Robyn fan group on Facebook (and thus meeting scores and scores of Robyn fans URL) has been realizing that there’s something inherent in her music, her words, her person, that almost inoculates the soul against bigotry, hatred, and bullshit. “Giving back” to the Robyn fan community, and to the community at large, has been hugely on our minds as of late, and after Laura + I as a place both wonderful and strange started performing a cover of Robyn’s “Dream On”, one of my favorite songs of hers, and Vanessa (knifesex) and I started talking about doing another tribute covers comp (to join the ranks of our Portishead and Tori Amos tribute comps), it just made sense in the heart. 

If you’re a Robyn fan, hopefully you’ll enjoy this compilation. From the straight-ahead covers to the more adventurous interpretations, it’s been created and assembled with love. Thank you to all the artists who participated.

All the proceeds from this comp are going to Sage and New Alternatives to assist GLBTQ elders and youth.

If you’re not a Robyn fan…you’d better go call your girlfriend.

In the words of Robyn herself: “Have Courage and Be Kind”.”


Bonus video for the PRIMA PRIMO track:

Learn more about ADVENTURE[s]/This Party Is Killing You aka THE ROBYN PARTY: 



Learn more about each individual contributing artist by clicking on the links in their track. 

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