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all photos and local record store scoop: Joshua Feldman, nationwide scoop compiled by: Shauna Alexander

PSA: Record Store Day–April 20th–is almost upon us. First, a transmission from Record Store Day Ambassador, Jack White.  Yeah, THE Jack White… who knows a thing or two about vinyl:

“in one of my final acts as Record Store Day ambassador, i encourage everyone who comes to the third man record store in nashville to be able to hear themselves on a vinyl record, and maybe even mail it to someone they love.”

“Actively venturing to your local record shop is one of those honors and privileges in this life that we just shouldn’t take for granted. Certain beautiful experiences can only happen in the environment of a record store and i just thought that nothing could drive that point home more than a one-of-a-kind machine that lets you not only record your own vinyl record, but send it to anyone, anywhere in the world to share a song, poem, or private message with.  i know those warm, scratchy tones send tingles up (and sometimes down) MY spine.  even if you aren’t instrumentally inclined, you could hold up an iphone playing a song and sing along with the music and combine the best of all worlds tangible, digital, and romantic. and for those still skeptical or not sure if they’re brave enough to do it, think of it this way; it’s almost the same thing as illegally downloading an mp3 and emailing it to someone. well…, almost. enjoy record store day everyone. i hope that you find that special song and someone makes you smile in the process.”

– Jack White III



  • Our hours on record store day will be 10am to 10pm
  • We advise everyone to come early for the limited releases and stay for the party!
  • This is just a a small taste of what we know we are getting and some of these we will only get one copy of (we ordered 100+ of the releases):

Public Image Ltd. – Public Image b/w The Cowboy Song
Husker Du – Amusement [2×7”]
Billy Bragg – No One Knows Nothing Anymore/Song of the Iceberg [7”]
Earth Crisis – Firestorm [7”]
Nick Drake – Nick Drake [LP]
Doors, The / X – Soul Kitchen
Misfits / The Lemonheads – Skulls [7”]
T.S.O.L. – You Don’t Have To Die [7”]
David Bowie – The Stars (Are Out Tonight) / Where Are We Now? [7”]
Jimi Hendrix – Hey Joe / Stone Free [7”]

  • BONUS: Record store day at Smash! is a party. It coincides with our 6 year anniversary and we will be serving refreshments. Last year was awesome!

RSD Preview 2013 (42 of 48)RSD2013 (1 of 14)

  • Our hours on record store day will be 9am-9pm, opening early if it rains 
  • Get there early!!! First 100 people get grab bags filled with records, CDs, swag and more. First 50 of those people get their grab bag and a tote bag! 
  • Lots of giveaways from Sub Pop records
  • Some insider info: There are some releases that didn’t make the cut for the “official” list. Crooked beat has Frank Ocean, Peel Sessions/Joy division, The Specials, The Smiths live

RSD Preview 2013 (12 of 48)RSD Preview 2013 (23 of 48)

  • Our hours on record store day will be 12pm-7pm 
  • There’s some real excitement in the store for the Early Factory Records Joy Division Stuff. 

RSD Preview 2013 (22 of 48)

  • Our hours on record store day will be 12pm-9pm 
  • Some solid advice: PATIENCE. if one store doesn’t have what you’re looking for another might. some stuff has been known to arrive late in previous years. 
  • They will have giveaways, cds, and some gift certificate surprises. 
  • The Grateful Dead, Cans, Orange Juice, and Phish stuff is some of the stuff they’re excited over. 

RSD Preview 2013 (43 of 48)



It should be noted that this is far from a complete list.  Thankfully those RSD folks have compiled an exhaustive resource with every official Record Store Day release right here.  However if you wanna get your grubby mitts on any of the following records, I predict you’re going to have to forgo those extra couple of beers on Friday night in order to get in line real early this Saturday.  — Shauna

418455343512-245 418455343825-245

  • Brian Eno X Nicolas Jaar X Grizzly Bear – Lux/Sleeping Ute (Warp Records) If the response to Jaar’s appearance at the Hirshhorn for the Song 1 project is anything to go by, this remix album (sadly not a collaboration) will go quick. Jaar has been making quite the name for himself with his jazz inspired house music. And what is there to say about Brian Eno or Grizzly Bear that hasn’t been said before? Certainly this is one record I’ll be waiting in line for.
  • White Stripes – Elephant (Third Man Records) Celebrating it’s 10th Anniversary, this re-mastered album (pulled from the original analog source), comes pressed on two different colored vinyls: LP1 is on split-color black and red vinyl, and LP2 is on white vinyl, all housed in a double pocket gatefold, tip on sleeve.  As a member of White’s, Vault subscription program I can fully confirm every record pressing he releases is gorgeous and created with the utmost care.

blackkeysstooges  SubPop1000_LP_jacketFinal

  • The Black Keys/ Stooges – Side by Side: No Fun (Warner Bros.) “No Fun,” is a split 7-inch from the Black Keys and Iggy and the Stooges, which hosts two exclusive tracks featuring the Stooges’ 1969 cut “No Fun” and the Keys’ 2002 cover version. The collaboration will be pressed on red and orange vinyl and limited to 7,000 copies. #WANT
  • Various Artists – Sub Pop 1000 (Sub Pop) On the occasion of Sub Pop’s 25th Anniversary, Sub Pop presents a limited-edition compilation of what they feel are some of the most vital, cutting-edge artists from around the world (Peaking Lights, My Disco, Iron Lung, etc.). Sub Pop 1000 was inspired by Sub Pop 100, the label’s landmark 1986 compilation LP, which championed then-emerging artists such as Sonic Youth, Wipers and The U-Men. This release is pressed on silver vinyl(!!!!) and limited to 3,500 copies for RSD. All tracks are unreleased and exclusive, and the LP includes an 11″x11″ booklet and a MP3 download coupon.

418455340348-245 Husker-Du-Amusement

  • Flaming Lips – Zaireeka (Warner Bros) In what is probably one of the bolder RSD moves, The Flaming Lips will be releasing their 1997 album Zaireeka as a limited-edition four LP 12″ vinyl set.  Which means having only one (or even two) record player(s) isn’t going to cut it, if you want to hear this bad boy as you should.
  • Husker Du – Amusement (Numero Group) “A little-heard Hüsker Dü single has been added to this coming RSD… “Statues” and “Amusement” were two tracks Bob Mould and Grant Hart recorded in 1980 at Minneapolis’ Blackberry Way Studio in hopes of securing a record contract with Twin/Tone.” (via SPIN)

CassetteOCard_Die_AI  418455342117-245

  • MGMT – Alien Days (Columbia) While not a record, Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser will issue a limited-edition cassette single that will feature “Alien Days,” a new song expected to land on their upcoming highly anticipated third album. The cassette comes numbered and thankfully with a download code, since I doubt any of us own a cassette player these days…
  • Stephen Malkmus And Friends – Can’s Ege Bamyasi (Matador) “In an old interview with Stephen Malkmus, he mentioned listening to Ege Bamyasi every night before he went to bed for about three years. And in the beginning of this performance of that entire album (with a slightly rearranged tracklist) Stephen refers to the ’70s krautrock band as “Top 10 best ever,” then corrects himself to say, “Maybe even Top 3.” This is cool for people who’ve never heard of the band, or the diehard fans that insist Tago Mago is better. Ege Bamyasi was always the best entry point for Can and everything from the motorik percussion and the guitar work to Stephen’s attempt to sing like Damo Suzuki is a loving tribute.” (via Stereogum)

418455344220-245 Layout 1

  • Various Artists – No Alternative (Legacy)  The 20th Anniversary release of the groundbreaking compilation produced to benefit AIDS relief., but it was also rock music circa 1993 compressed into a single disc of new songs from Pavement, Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Beastie Boys, and a ton more. This is the first time this has ever been released on vinyl!!
  • Various Artists – Factory Records: Communications 1978-1992 (Sampler #2) (Rhino) Limited to 3000 copies worldwide, this RSD release will feature “She’s Lost Control” by Joy Division, “1963” (12″ Remastered Version) by New Order, “Otis” by the Durutti Column and “Loose Fit” (12″ version) by the Happy Mondays.  Perfect for any Factory Records fan/collector.

418455344596-245 418455342040-245

  • Tame Impala – Tame Impala EP (Modular) A 12″ expansion of Tame Impala’s debut 10″ EP with two additional songs “Forty One Mosquitoes Flying in Formation” and “Wander” not on the original record. Plus for all you colored vinyl collectors, this one comes in red!
  • South Park – San Diego / Gay Fish (Comedy Central) The creative nerds of South Park delivers two of their classic songs on a limited edition 7″ picture disc.  Limited to 2,000 copies, the 7-inch contains “San Diego” from season 16’s “Butterballs” episode and the previously unreleased track “Gay Fish” from Season 13’s “Fishsticks” episode.

FRONT_WRAP.indd 418455344115-245

  • Jandek – Jandek Vinyl Box Set – RSD 2013 (Jackpot Records) Known amongst the music elite one of the most respected but least heard artists of all time, Jandek has found fans in Kurt Cobain, Bright Eyes, Jeff Tweedy, the Mountain Goats, Mandy Moore and more.  Limited to 500 hand numbered copies this might just be the most exclusive RSD release of 2013.
  • Jimi Hendrix – Hey Joe b/w Stone Free (Legacy) Considering Jimi’s likeness is the official RSD 2013 poster, I’m not surprised there is an exclusive release from his camp. A limited edition, individually numbered 7” vinyl single will also be up for grabs featuring the original mono mix of ‘Hey Joe’ backed with ‘Stone Free,’ both previously unavailable since their release in 1966.

bigstar 418455341796-245

  • Big Star – Nothing Can Hurt Me [Special Pressing] (Omnivore Recordings) This Limited First-Edition two LP will be released on 180-Gram colored vinyl(!!) and is the soundtrack to the soon-to-be released documentary film about Big Star. It includes all previously unissued versions of classic Big Star song and a download card.
  • Grateful Dead – Rare Cuts and Oddities 1966 (Rhino) This Greatful Dead LP will be released for the first time ever on vinyl and with exclusive cover art. It contains live and studio recordings from the first few months of 1966, featuring the only known version of Jerry singing “Promised Land.” Numbered and Limited Edition, as one would expect.

418455341843-245 418455343533-245

  • The Band – The Last Waltz (Rhino) Out of print for more than a decade, this is another music lover’s (wet) dream.  Known a a seminal album and possibly the best concert movie of all time, this release of The Band’s The Last Waltz will include all original packaging (including embossing and two foils). All original inner sleeves plus 12-page booklet.
  • Various Artists – Drive OST Picture Disc (Mondo) Probably one of my favorite soundtracks of all time (I know, bold words considering it’s infancy), this RSD has never before released in the US on Vinyl and features all new artwork.  Not going to lie, I’m pretty pumped to hear that Kavinsky / Lovefoxxx  “Nightcall” jam through my record player!

And now for some more record store porn to excite you for this weekend! HAPPY VINYL HUNTING!!

RSD Preview 2013 (46 of 48) RSD Preview 2013 (2 of 48)RSD Preview 2013 (3 of 48)RSD Preview 2013 (4 of 48)RSD Preview 2013 (5 of 48)RSD Preview 2013 (6 of 48) RSD Preview 2013 (7 of 48)

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