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Photos by Jeff Martin, Words by Marissa Rubenstein

The one biggest problem with trying to plan a summer dinner series outdoors? The weather. Without getting into too many gritty logistical details, a lot of times event planners have to make a call days in advance based on weather reports that are usually completely inaccurate. So let’s all time travel back to Thursday of last week when it SEEMED like it was going to pour on last Sunday night, armed with a rain report that ended up being wrong (surprise surprise!) the call was made to move the last Wild Kitchen to the Columbia Room,  where Chef Johnny Spero recently took over as Executive Chef.

Out in the Columbia Room’s covered punch garden (the “covered” part ended up being unnecessary but ah well), guests enjoyed four incredible courses. Carrots cooked in duck fat with thai basil and coconut milk, disappeared almost as soon as they hit the table. The real highlight was the super aged, incredibly delicious Txuleta ribeye which turned this vegetarian into a very rare meat eating fiend. It was that good.

All proceeds from the Wild Kitchen went to the Shenandoah National Park Trust, and as always we want to thank our wonderful friends Urban Orphans for the decorations, Taffy Floral for her amazing flowers, and our partners Atlas Brew Works and Boxwood Winery for keeping the alcohol flowing all night long.

#UnitedOutside content has been done in collaboration with our friends at REI

Chef Johnny Spero

Kyle Wakayama (left) from REI and Thomas Hartman (right) from Atlas Brew Works

Charred tomato with Szechuan Oil and bone marrow

Txuleta (Ribeye of Dairy Cow) and the dessert, a Hay Caramel Tart with edible flowers