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Last week, we came to the final round of this awesome WeWork + BYT giveaway we ran a few weeks a go where we were giving one young, lucky budding DC business the following:

  • a dedicated desk at the WeWork Wonder Bread location, with all added member benefits, free for 6-months. AMENITIES!
  • a AT WORK WITH feature showcasing what you do and can do on BYT (check out how sweet that can turn out). MARKETING!
  • and some useful mentorship support with our judging panel along the way


it all culminated in the final Pitch fiesta last week where the following 10 finalists shared their ideas with the judges:


  • VACAY – “disjointedness of music services and their music collection is one of the core issues that we’re addressing. For example, someone might have songs saved on Soundcloud, Rdio, Itunes, and Hypem, but because these applications aren’t supported by a single platform it’s become difficult to consume the music that’s been discovered.”
  • nomad + settler – “ a carefully curated collection of accessories, clothes, found objects, and home goods aimed at connecting those with a nomadic spirit to other cultures and people through fashion, design, and self expression even when they have already settled into a home in one community.
  • knowledge commons DC – ” a completely volunteer-run floating school, we are dedicated to forging unusual intersections and conversations by providing a platform for free and hospitable knowledge sharing. We partner with existing organizations, individuals, and communities to foster collaborative learning and community exchange.”
  • Pop Fashion – adorable podcasts for everyone!
  • Tea Time DC – “a community fueled collaborative dedicated to merging and promoting small businesses, culinary endeavors and artistic and musical expression.”
  • Re-Nuble – “Sourcing, manufacturing and distributing a superior, consumable hydroponic liquid nutrient consumer product Re-Nuble takes a novel approach to solve this problem. Our manufacturing practices are decentralized, meaning that we source our raw materials and manufacture them at locations closer to the farmers that will buy our products. This enables us to significantly cut down on distribution costs, transfer these savings to our customers, and minimizes our company’s carbon footprint at the same time.”
  • TurMS –changes alumni giving behavior for education institutions by improving the user experience with campaign technologies and data analytics.”
  • Gleen – “The best on demand, iPhone powered, happiest and friendliest car wash service on earth. We come to you, wherever you are, in 1 hour or less. We use eco friendly solutions to wash and wax your car to a high gloss while meticulously detailing your interior. We are on demand, a push button away. We are The Uber for Car Washes and we are your next big addiction starting at plans as low as $10.99/wash. Yes, we come to you and wash your whip for as low as $10.99/wash.
  • Millenial Farmers
  • Sydcar – “Your small business BFF”

and while we were VERY impressed by everyone (and special shout out to TurMS  and Gleen for being the runners up and to knowledge commons DCfor winning the community award and getting free use of the WeWork event space), there was one clear winner: VACAY.


Congratulations you guys. And remember-if you are in need of a cool co-working space-check out WeWork, now in two exisiting DC locations and a third one (non-profit centric!) coming very soon.