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By Armando Gallardo

The International Food & Wine festival returned to DC for its 15th edition with 3 three days packed with wine, spirits, beers, delicious food and captivating music. Unfortunately for the organizers, due to inclement weather the Festival Marketplace, a staple of the event, had to be cancelled on Thursday, February 13th. Snow happens.

The Festival included seminars, tastings, and a signature event each evening, which provided the participants with the chance to sample over 600 different wines from wineries all over the world.

Guests not only had the option to try different wines and spirits but they were also provided with a variety of hors d’oeuvres ranging from gastro-pizzas to caviar as well as a pastry selection, which left the guests more than happy with the ticket investment.

“This is my first time here and I didn’t know I was gonna find so many things to try. I’ll have to bring my husband here next year” said Marilyn Wozniak.

Each day the main event began at 7pm and went to 10pm. As one of the attendees mentioned “By 8:30pm you can see the mood changing and people starting to get more into the music and loosing themselves. We close down the place every night, until the lights are turned on. We are certainly coming back here tomorrow.”


The music was courtesy of Pebble to Pearl, a Virginia-based band that, according to the website, creates a unique blend of funk, rock, fierce and powerful blues grooves, statement that the writer of this article can wholeheartedly confirm.



The International Food and Wine Festival didn’t disappoint and will certainly continue to be a staple event for many more years to come. Here’s a guy in a top hat.