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By Melissa Groth

Pop-up fashion boutique Trickponi is touring the states briefly before heading over to the Middle East. The boutique called Georgetown home until Sunday when it headed west for a stint in Los Angeles. The theme of this year’s tour is “The Mad Ones;” it features an eclectic array of designers whose pieces are different and innovative. The boutique in Georgetown (3210 O St.) showcased the jewelry, handbags, hats, and clothing of a selection of designers including Nasiba Hafiz, Bashar Assaf, Assali, Amira Haroon, Christin Chang, Shosh New York and Emm Kuo.


Founder Sara Al-Ajroush originally started with showrooms, but felt limited as far as her reach to other designers from around the world. Instead of sticking to the two stationary showrooms she started with, she began Trickponi and now tours her boutique internationally.


Sara Al-Ajrous (left) and creative director of Artjamz Anchyi Wei (right)

Expect a range of different items from “The Mad Ones.” Structured jackets and skirts with metallic flair, brightly colored separates, eye-catching patterns, prettily painted scarves and sarongs, Frida Kahlo’s face screen printed on a t-shirt, glamorous silky slip dresses in holiday colors, delicate adornments and chunky jewelry too; there is so much to look at at this pop-up boutique, and definitely something for everyone.