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Photos By Jeff Martin and Andrea Diaz, Words By Andrea Diaz

If you own a bike but weren’t at Tour de Fat, do you REALLY own a bike?

The “beers, bikes and bemusement” festival kicked off its 10-city tour in Yards Park on May 30th to a bike-loving, beer-aficionado, tutu-wearing crowd eager to forget the 80 degree weather with a cold New Belgium brew.

The traveling celebration is a gathering meant to encourage and increase cycling as a sustainable mode of transportation. But don’t let that description fool you into thinking this festival is just a bunch of volunteers handing out pamphlets on how you can save the earth. The volunteers are handing you ice cold beers and seasonal drafts with a smile. And if that wasn’t enough to convince you that Tour de Fat means business (in the fun way), then let its 6th commandment be an indication that you should definitely come next year. It reads: “New Belgium shalt not profit: Our goal is to raise money for bicycle and environmental charities. On any other day, dressing like a freak and hanging out in the park with thine buddies might be reason for being called a Philanderer, but today thou ist a Philanthropist!”

This year, the philanthropists brought along their little ones to take a dip in the Navy Yard pool and play the mega-sized version of Jenga on site while the grownups dipped their toes in the water and their hands in the tap and canned selection of New Belgium that included the Snapshot wheat beer, Slow Ride IPA and Fat Tire Amber Ale. The free event was a success, from the multiple dance-offs to the cruiser bike give-aways, but what topped off the day was the enthusiastic and positive vibes of everyone there, dogs and babies included.

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