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By Mykalee McGowan 

I may be a legal adult but I still think like a 90’s kid. One day, I was watching Johnny Bravo episodes on YouTube and the next thing I know, I’m at the Compass Rose at its first scotch tasting. The funny thing is that I’m closer to the age of a bottle of scotch than the average scotch drinker.

Emily Brown of The Scotch Broad hosted the tasting. Brown’s mission of the night was to turn scotch’s image around from that harsh spirit in your grandfather’s stash to a drink everyone can enjoy.


The group tried out three single malt scotch selections from different regions of Scotland:

The Glenmorangie Original was for the first time scotch drinker. The 10 year aged drink had floral notes with hints of vanilla, cinnamon, and creme brûlée. Having it with Compass Rose’s grilled Rustico bread and olives helped with the initial burn.


The Balvenie 12 was great with dark chocolate and sea salt, which complimented the warm spices of the drink. Aged for 12 years and cast in two different woods, this scotch was a crowd favorite.

The last and my least favorite was the Springbank 10 scotch. This medium peat malt went down smoother than the others but the notes of smoke and oil was a huge turn off. I had to chop down the tavern’s Yuquita Fritas with delicious Huancaina sauce to calm the taste.

The Scotch Broad at Compass Rose event not only introduced scotch to me, but it also made me appreciate the spirit. Brown can jam pack difficult information in such a way that even a novice, like me, understands. Who knows? I may just have a glass of Glenmorangie Original during a Jimmy Neutron marathon.