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Photos By Armando Gallardo, Words By Julie Espinosa

They are hard workers, determined, and most importantly, beautiful. On Tuesday night the Hill celebrated their annual 50 most beautiful people list, 2014 edition, for the 11th consecutive year in which the attendees complimented each others’ looks, gossiped about the latest political scandal and, especially, networked. Lots of networking went down.


Granted, this list has been going on for some time, this was the first time the Hill decided to throw a party to commemorate the event. “We must celebrate your beauty and pizzazz”, said one of the guest to a very modest lady, who preferred to remain anonymous. Yet, the wristbands always gave it away.


The fact is that upon one’s entry the staff would run your name, give you the go, and provided you with a wristband to wear. If you were a muggle, then you got a white wristband, but if you were one of the ‘beautiful people’ then you got a blue wristband. Additionally, the Hill had quite a few copies of their newspaper, with the list inside.


After some on-site research, we noticed a bit of a common pattern: some peeps would down some liquid courage, go through the list, and then fast approach the gentleman or lady of their selection with some kind of quirky comment; sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.


After reading the profiles from the list we came to one conclusion: everybody is pretty modest about their sense of style. Yet, we can assure you that they know what they are doing, as proven during the party. “They might work hard but they can also party hard without missing a beat and always looking fabulous” said another attendee.


This year’s list included some well-known faces such as Cory Booker and Senator Rand Paul, who weren’t in attendance but according to the paper were quite surprised to hear about their selection. As Senator Paul stated in his profile article for the Hill, he finds his style as ‘unconventional and uncoordinated’.


We left the party wondering ‘What would it take to make it on the list?’, we’ll report back when we find out. In the meantime, keep trying DC and, for the love of God, stop asking your mom.