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I expected to laugh a lot at D.C.s first Cannashow at the iconic Mayflower hotel. I didn’t.

I expected to encounter goofy old hippies selling ridiculous bong apparatuses, but actually it was largely young people selling artisanal body products and edible treats with varying measures of weed in them- “infused” they call it.

I expected to maybe meet some nefarious types whose business operations have just only recently become legal, but actually the tone and presentation of nearly everyone I met- business owners, activists, horticulturists- was more akin to that of a lobbyist or academic. In fact the most nefarious thing I encountered was a long and snarky man-splain about the HIPAA act, after my companion declined to apply for a medical marijuana card. Scary stuff huh?

This was a very standard trade show, not the famed Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, and so these booths and displays were designed to educate attendees on all current developments in growing weed, vape technology, politics, etc.

But still, there were lots of things to buy that will get you stoned and even lots of free things (this reporter scored pretty big). I saw marijuana infused spaghetti sauce, CBD infused lube, and of course gummy bears/cake pops/tonics/cookies/lollipops/pizza/tacos/milkshakes/chicken wings/bagel bites/you name it.

I did see a couple weirdos of course, in fact I think I saw the highest person I’ve ever seen, but they were a small minority. The general crowd was young, savvy, racially diverse, and very, very, very chill.

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