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Words by Nitya Ramlogan and Armando Gallardo, Photos By Armando Gallardo

No matter how rainy it might get, how much Netflix you might be consuming or how long your day might seem, spring is here. A season that along with allergies and 1 less hour of sleep (DST), also comes with a whole new variety of drinks and nibbles. This year Bar Dupont’s “Taste of Spring” is one of the most refreshingly exquisite and well-concocted options in the district, mixing an array of characters and theme-related drink options with nibbles that will make you keep coming back for more and hoping that summer didn’t start until later in August.


Nice is Nice is a cocktail that was inspired by the love of everything French. Omar and Jonathan, one of the bartenders and general manager at the restaurant and also self-described Francophiliacs, came up with this as a way to destroy the limitations people find with aperitif and aiming at highlighting the possibility for them the be used in conjunction with other ingredients to create something fresh and delicious. In this case, Lillet Blanc is mixed with limoncello, raspberry simple syrup and lemon juice which is topped with Sparkling Rosé and garnished with a lemon wheel to give one the impression of being at a French cafe while overlooking the Louvre.


#BB&TT, a Dupont classic, is also part of the spring menu which uses Tanqueray Gin, blueberries, basil leafs and lime wedges. This very ‘American’ drink muddles the fruits and spirits into a mixing glass to later add a touch of simple syrup which is all later shaken heavily until frosted and served with tonic. #BB&TT has, as expected, a more bitter taste than Nice is Nice yet the fruit brings a more botanical taste to this Gin-based drink.


Up next is Drunken Sunkist, a very simple but fabulously put together cocktail which mixes Jim Beam, Aperol, Triple Sec, OJ and Soda Water. The result is something one can drink for hours without realizing the gloriously alcoholic mix, but then again spring is that time of the year when there should be no shame on doing just that.


Hemingway’s Furry was hands down our favorite and one that Hemingway would have probably enjoyed on a sailing trip down in the Coast of Mexico. It has a certain spice to it that keeps you coming for more. The cocktail, inspired by Hemingway’s daiquiri, is Taanteo Tequila, Bacardi Superior, Grapegfruit juice, Luxardo, fresh lime juice and a splash simple syrup to top it off which is impeccably served in a martini glass with added raw sugar/cayenne pepper on the rim of the glass. Drinking it won’t promise a successful literary career but it will certainly inspire you to shadow Hemingway’s spirit and keep the drinking going.


Along with these, Bar Dupont offers a wide variety of flavors on their spring drink menu, with some options offered distinctively at the bar and the patio. To complement these, edible spring specials are also available such as a spring soup which had us wondering why anybody want soup during hot months but that it fully delivered, a cream of fresh gardens peas, spring morels and braised frog leg fritters. Also featured was a crispy pig’s head which had green garlic, ravigote sauce, frisee and is, simply put, to die for. The risotto which has green asparagus, garden peas, fav beans, meyer lemons and watercress was probably the only thing in the menu that we didn’t love but given the amount of stars that everything else got this shouldn’t be a problem for those venturing to try the new spring menu at Bar Dupont.

The menu has plenty to offer which General Manager, Jonathan, explained as perfect for, “the season when one changes yoga pants for shorts and flip flops.”