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The rain cleared up just in time for the crowds to arrive at Taste of DC on Saturday and Sunday, but still left a chill in the air and puddles to be avoided.

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It did not dissuade an eager and hungry group of Washingtonians, ready to sample the best of what 40+ DC restaurants had to offer, from taking over a closed-off section of Pennsylvania Avenue dedicated to the event.

In one hand, festival-goers held umbrellas to defend themselves from residual drizzle, in the other, a sample of any one of the number of culinary options available for prices that ranged from free to about $9. DSC_0205 copy

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Each restaurant had a “tasting” menu, or a usually around $3 item that they believed showcased their best dish in a small portion. Popular booths included Luke’s Lobster Shack, BGR and District Doughnut.

DSC_0208 copy

DSC_0209 copyThough food was without a doubt the main attraction, other entertainment appeared in the form of local bands (yay) and the Ben’s Chili Bowl-sponsored chili-eating contest. DSC_0252 copy

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Despite temptations to spend the entire day, most attendees found themselves unable to continue on after about two hours of nonstop eating, developing a rare affliction known as “meat-weakness”. Undoubtedly, a few brave souls returned the next day to do the whole thing again in less gloomy weather. Sadly, the Nats Presidents were not busy and made an appearance.

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