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Photos By Armando Gallardo, Words By Priya Konings

Held at the National Restaurant Association HQ, the Chilean Culinary Experience, sponsored by RAMW and Food From Chile, was a resounding success, with small bites from some of DC’s best chefs, Chilean wine, and Chilean-inspired cocktails.


Guests sampled dishes made with berries, avocado oil, seafood, and arepas, which are traditional Chilean ingredients. Wines were picked to pair with the food by sommelier Brent Knoll, and pisco cocktails (another Chilean ingredient) were concocted by Mixologist Mary Kelly of Del Campo and Mixologist Francesco Amodeo of Lupo Verde and Don Ciccio & Figli.


Attendees were encouraged to vote for their favorite dishes, and a panel of judges also voted, which resulted in two winners in the cooking challenge: Chef Domenico Apollaro of Lupo Verde and Chef Kazuhiro Okochi of Kaz Sushi Bistro. Chef Apollaro made a pasta dish while Chef Okochi made a salmon soup. Mixologist Francesco Amodeo of Lupo Verde and Don Ciccio & Figli won the cocktail competition with his delicious pisco beverage.


All in all, a successful night of highlighting Chilean food and wine, making a trip to Chile seem all the more enticing.