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Photos By Franz Mahr

We got together with some of our writer friends and played songs about friendship while making friends. Here’s a photo of Cale and Chris becoming friends at Super Best Friends Forever at Little Miss Whiskey’s:


Cale from BYT, Ben from Washingtonian, Chris from FACT, Fritz from The Washington Post and Josh from New Dust DJ’d round robin style, playing songs about friendship and songs that have nothing to do with friendship. That was mostly Josh. We also gave away a Red Lobster gift bag. The lady that won was really glad she won. Here’s a photo of Cale giving away the menu from the gift bag. The lady didn’t want the menu.


Below are the playlists and some more photos. Friends! The TV show Friends theme song was played!

Ben’s Playlist


1. Clipse “Mr. Me Too”
2. Janelle Monae “Givin Em What They Love”
3. The Kills “Dreams”
4. Dinosaur Jr. “Friends”
5. N.E.R.D. “Lap Dance”
6. Jawbreaker “Indictment”
7. Jackson 5 “The Love You Save”
8. Beyoncé “Drunk in Love” (by request)
9. The Kinks “Till the End of the Day”

Cale’s Playlist


1. Harry Nilsson “One”
2. The Beach Boys “Friends”
3. War “Why Can’t We Be Friends?”
4. Ween “Friends”
5. Girls On Top “We Don’t Give a Damn About Our Friends”
6. The Rembrandts “I’ll Be There For You”
7. Led Zeppelin “Friends”
8. The Zombies “Friends of Mine”
9. Tegan & Sara featuring The Lonely Island “Everything is Awesome!!!”
10. Justice vs Simian “We Are Your Friends”
11. Red Hot Chili Peppers “My Friends”
12. Andrew Gold “Thank You For Being a Friend”
13. Kenny Loggins “Whenever I Call You ‘Friend'”
14. James Taylor “You’ve Got a Friend”

Chris’ Playlist


1. The Dresden Dolls “My Alcoholic Friends”
2. Friends “Friend Crush”
3. White Town “Your Woman”
4. MF Doom “Deep Fried Frenz”
5. Piebald “Karate Chops From Everyone But Us”
6. Parris Mitchell “All Night Long”
7. Rihanna “What’s My Name (Brenmar remix)”
8. Ghost Town DJs “My Boo (Wave Racer remix)”
9. Cam’ron “Down and Out”
10. Crime Mob “Knuck if you Buck (Clicks & Whistles remix)”
11. Ciara “Body Party (Supraman remix)”
12. Kanye West “Bound 2 (Solidisco remix)”

Fritz’ Playlist


1. Gram Parsons “Streets of Baltimore”
2. Unrest “Cherry Cream On”
3. Junkyard Band “Sardines”
4. The Undertones “Teenage Kicks”
5. Scott Garcia Feat. MC Styles “It’s A London Thing (Original Mix)”
6. SWV and Wu-Tang Clan “Anything (Old School Mix)”
7. R. Kelly “Ignition (Remix)”
8. Jammer, Wiley, Kano et all “Destruction (VIP)”
9. DJ Kool “Let Me Clear My Throat (Old School Reunion Mix)”
10. Northeast Groovers “Goosebumps”
11. Spearmint “We’re Going Out (Album Mix)”
12. Pete Droge “If You Don’t Love Me, I’ll Kill Myself”
13. Northeast Groovers “Van Damme”

Josh’s Playlist


1. Badfinger “Baby Blue”
2. Devo “Gates Of Steel”
3. Fergus and Geronimo “Baby Don’t You Cry”
4. Funkadelic “Can You Get To That”
5. Big Boi vs Black Keys “Everlasting Shine Blockaz”
6. Chicago “Street Player (Dance Mix)”
7. Blueprint “It’s Like That”
8. Bad Rabbits “Can’t Back Down”
9. Cam’ron “Oh Boy”
10. Pulp “Common People”
11. Mary J Blige “Be Without You”
12. Mase “Feel So Good”