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For most kids, the scent of summer smells like sunscreen on a pool day and tastes like watermelon on the front lawn. However, as the hot summer days come to a close it’s time for bedtime stories and night time reading. The problem is that some children do not have access books to enjoy, and an alarming study conducted by JetBlue in Anacostia found that for every 830 kids there is only 1 age-appropriate book available.soarwithreading-andread-1


That’s why this summer; JetBlue began an initiative that will place 3 first-of-its-kind free book vending machines at 3 locations around the Anacostia neighborhood. To kick start the project, JetBlue invited Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III to the Anacostia Salvation Army where a crowd of children gathered to test the vending machines and play catch with RG3.



Soar with Reading is a joint project with Jetblue, Magic Tree House and Random House Children’s Books that aims at providing free books for communities deemed as “book deserts”. The vending machines work just like regular soda/chip machines, with selections and options. The twist, however, is that the service is completely free and the options give a summary of every book available.