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Words By Jonny Grave, Photos By Nicholas Karlin

Last Thursday, Roofers held its Ugly Christmas Sweater Party for the third year in a row. Twenty breweries were represented at the event, with a different brewery on every tap. The local, D.C.-based breweries like 3 Star and Atlas were alongside the regional favorites Hardywood, Jailbreak, and RAR, producing one of the finest beer lineups in the District.

I like playing these events a lot, and not just because of the beer. Profits from the event benefit Mary’s Center’s toy drive, which gives presents to the children of families who can’t afford them. Of course, the ugly sweaters came out in droves. I’m fairly confident I saw a woman wearing the same pattern my grandmother used for the holiday-themed toilet lid cover. I’m still unclear as to when exactly Christmas Sweaters became intentionally ironic and hideous, but I’m happy to see the new tongue-in-cheek holiday tradition take off. This season can get a little heavy and any bit of levity or humor is warmly welcomed.

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