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The Salt Line‘s annual ode to oysters is the best seafood party of the year. Oyster Wars is like a fancier version of Margaritaville, just replace the margs with beer, the cheeseburgers with oysters and the dulcet tones of Jimmy Buffett with the dulcet-er tones of local reggae music. If your idea of a good time is jamming your face with oysters from all over the east coast while taking quick breaks to down delicious craft beer, you absolutely should have been there and we highly recommend you get those sweet tickets as soon as they’re available next year.


And just like James William Buffett, the second edition of the party was bigger and better (because of course A White Sport Coat and a Pink Crustacean is better than Down to Earth, this is something we can all agree on) bringing in more breweries and restaurants, including co-host Other Half Brewing Co. Our favorite food of the night was a three way tie between Thames Street Oyster House’s fresh and flavorful octopus served with stewed peperonata, All Purpose’s elevated carnival food of fried linguini and clams and ChiKo’s fried chicken. Yes, we ate fried chicken at an oyster festival. Just like Jimmy B, we’re living our best life. We have no regrets.

Intrigued? Want to know more? Check out the photos below. Just looking at them is making us hungry.