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Photos by Sarah Gerrity, words by Kaylee Dugan

There’s nothing better than a cold oyster. Put away the cocktail sauce and throw out all your lemons, because the best oysters don’t need a thing. And yet, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun with them. The Salt Line threw a festival that celebrated all forms of oysters last weekend. From the super dressed up oysters rockefeller, to plain Island Creek Oysters from Massachusetts, there was something for every oyster fan, as well as a ton of seafood for the losers who needed an oyster break.

Our favorite oysters of the day were from Glidden Point Oyster Farms all the way up in Edgecomb, Maine. They were briny as hell and packed a big salty punch that came out as soon as you slurped them down. Our favorite non oyster dish came from The Salt Line. Chef Kyle Bailey’s eel cacciatore (made with ricotta campanelle, idiazabal cheese and hen of the woods mushrooms) was decadent in all the right ways. Our favorite drinks were the oyster shooters. With both tequila and bourbon versions, they were salty, sweet, boozy and tangy thanks to the added mignonette. The best way to eat oyster might be cold and plain, but the most fun way is with a side of booze.