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Photos And Words By Miranda Hontz

NPR Presents: Water ± is a unique blend of music, poetry, projections, story telling and news casting that presents local and national stories involving the dynamic relationship between humans and water. The stories center on the way water impacts the lives of people all over the world, with some tales moving the audience to tears and others to fits of laughter. The play of the visual imagery with the music and monologues truly immerses the viewers in the world of water and its effects on men and women across the globe. Featuring Tony Award winning director Kenny Leon and actors such as Tony Award-nominee Michele Shay, Jason Dirden, Lucas Caleb Rooney and Tamela Aldridge, the cast at the D.C. showing was truly impressive. The original score was written and performed live by acclaimed violinist Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR). A violin has possibly never made such diverse, captivating sound.


NPR Presents: Water ± is touring to different cities around the U.S. with its premier performance in New Orleans followed by showings in D.C., NYC, San Francisco, Seattle, Atlanta, and finally Detroit. Each performance is unique to the city in which it is located, incorporating local radio news stories and hosts. It is truly a captivating experience that leaves no doubt of the complexities of humanity’s relationship with such a vital resource. How much we use, how much it shapes our world, the disasters it can cause, what it is like to live without it, these are the themes magnificently presented in NPR Presents: Water ±.

NPR Presents: Water ± stopped in D.C. as part of the Weekend In Washington.