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PHEW! I spent Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday hanging out at Javits Center for this year’s Comic Con, and HOLY BANANAS was it ever a sensory overload! Not that that’s surprising; this was my fourth NYCC, and each year seems to draw out more crowds than the last.

The panels were all pretty dope this go-round, including reunions for Boy Meets World and Hocus Pocus, teaser premieres for Aquaman, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Mortal EnginesDeadly Class and Origin and of course the lines to get in almost always looked like this:


(In other words, very long, and forever.) So I didn’t make it into too many of those, but I had no trouble comic shopping ‘n people watching!


And dog watching, too! Some people brought dogs, like this this v. tiny, v. miserable-looking Wonder Woman dog I spotted on day one:


Sunday was family day, aka kids get in for just $12, and that was BY FAR the cutest of all four sessions, minus the aforementioned dog spotting:


Props to the kids who attended, though; I genuinely STILL feel terrified by some of the creepier cosplays as a thirty-year-old woman, so it’s beyond me how they don’t get ultra-spooked. Extra credit goes to this child who dressed as Pennywise // NO THANK YOU:


In terms of trends, I was pleased to see that many people had let go of the Stranger Things vibes, which began to feel overplayed last year, but for the most part, it felt like a lot of the usual suspects dominated the scene, especially Spiderman:


Also, shout-out to Guy Fieri for always turning up at least once to every single NYCC:


My favorite couple costume was by far this one:


But I also ship Austin Powers and Harley Quinn, who had an impromptu dance party outside:


And I don’t know if this was a couple or not because of the masks, but I was very excited to see that people had taken inspo from one of my favorite Spanish shows, La Casa De Papel aka Money Heist:


Anyway, feel free to peruse the rest of the photos below (potentially some great Halloween costume inspiration), and if you haven’t been to NYCC yet, be sure to go next year!!! It’s always the weirdest, best time, and I’d highly recommend it.