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As in previous years, Comic Con was REAL LIT this past weekend at Javits Center in NYC! It’s definitely been crowded all the other times I’ve been, but this year seemed especially packed with a mixture of costumed and non-costumed humans.

In terms of visible trends, there were lots and lots of clowns, and several Georgies, obviously thanks in no small part to the recent release of It in theaters:

There was also an influx of Ricks (not as many Mortys, probably because blue hair is just more fun):

And of course plenty of the usual favorites were well-represented, like Dragon Ball Z

Star Wars

Game of Thrones

(Ummm Boogie Nights King was probably the best thing I saw all weekend, maybe ever…)

…and Stranger Things:


Rita RuPaulsa (I don’t know if that’s the name she goes by, but if it’s not, I think she should consider it) was back at it again, too; she was my favorite last year, and remained in my top picks for best outfits this time around:

I was also big into this pair, because Marceline and BMO are my favorite Adventure Time characters. (I just wish they’d brought along LSP!)

I didn’t see TOO many Studio Ghibli cosplayers, though I did get a fleeting glance of No Face, and this girl rocked the Totoro vibes:

And what would any good Comic Con be without a Shining shout-out???

As usual, the event drew kids and adults (and kiddult duos) for some good old fashioned nerd family bonding:

Someone even brought this good dog:

And plenty of Wolverines/Logans turned out, though this young man was my favorite // PROPS ON THEM MUTTON CHOPS!

Mad respect for this spot-on Scully cosplayer, who I sincerely hope was able to make it inside the X-Files panel w/ Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny:

And a big SULSUL to all the Sims fans:

All in all, another solid year of nerdery here in NYC. Until 2018, go forth and geek out!