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By Franz Mahr

Bastille Day_BYT_FRM-2

Bonjour Y’all! Kicking off the largest Bastille Day party for the 10th year, L’Enfant Cafe hosted a monstrous block party on Mt. Vernon St. with tons to see from French maids racing to Mary Antoinette kicking off a masquerade ball and everything French in between. The celebration, hosted by King Louis XVI (or the owner of L’Enfant…one or the other) was centered around the main stage with burlesque dancers, french maids, fire dancers, and a ton of other performances from 3 to 11 pm. Multiple bars on the the block helped to drive the energetic festivities to the next level with the entire crowd and the king himself going nuts when the DJ played Iggy Azalea. Check out the shots and relive the good times.

Bastille Day_BYT_FRM-9Bastille Day_BYT_FRM-24

Bastille Day_BYT_FRM-21

Bastille Day_BYT_FRM-22

Bastille Day_BYT_FRM-12

Bastille Day_BYT_FRM-3

Bastille Day_BYT_FRM-5

Bastille Day_BYT_FRM-1

Bastille Day_BYT_FRM-4

Bastille Day_BYT_FRM-6

Bastille Day_BYT_FRM-7

Bastille Day_BYT_FRM-8

Bastille Day_BYT_FRM-10

Bastille Day_BYT_FRM-15

Bastille Day_BYT_FRM-16

Bastille Day_BYT_FRM-17

Bastille Day_BYT_FRM-18

Bastille Day_BYT_FRM-19

Bastille Day_BYT_FRM-23

Bastille Day_BYT_FRM-25

Bastille Day_BYT_FRM-20Bastille Day_BYT_FRM-11

Bastille Day_BYT_FRM-12Bastille Day_BYT_FRM-14