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Ahhh, the annual cherry blossoms: D.C.’s gift and D.C.’s curse. Are they stunningly gorgeous? Of course. Do they attract maddening swarms of tourists that damn near bring the city to a standstill and ALWAYS STAND ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE ESCALATORS? Absolutely.

In an act of mercy, Shaw ramen house Chaplin’s teamed up with the iconic Japanese beer Kirin Ichiban to bring the best parts of this time of year (the cherry blossoms, obviously) far, far away from the Tidal Basin.

Surrounded by some seriously beautiful cherry blossom floral arrangements, guests previewed Monday night the two new Kirin beer cocktails being served at Chaplin’s throughout Cherry Blossom season: the Bread & Soda, a blend of Bulleit Bourbon and Kirin Ichiban garnished with a slice of house made ginger cake (weird), and the Honzo’s Steel, a mix of Nolet’s Gin and Kirin Ichiban topped with an orange-blossom honey reduction and an heirloom purple rice ice cube (better than it sounds) that went down easier than cutting a baseball in half. (Get it? A Hattori Hanzo joke! HA.)

Kirin Ichiban Beer Cocktail Honzo’s Steel at Chaplins, photo by Joy Asico

Passed snacks were awesome, as would be expected from Chaplin’s (the tori karaage and the pork shumai were on point), but after multiple sake bombs with pints of Kirin Ichiban and shots of Sakura Emaki Rose sake, whatever.

Kirin Ichiban’s Cherry Blossom drink specials (the cocktails are $8 and the pints and sake are $5) are available at Chaplin’s through April 17.