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Photos By Andy DelGiudice, Words By Jenn Tisdale

Kevin Bacon definitely has a sense of humor about himself. His charity organization, hilariously called SixDegrees.org, connects celebrities with grassroots organizations and charities to help amplify their cause. On Saturday Kevin Bacon and the Bacon Bros dropped by City Blossoms in Columbia Heights to give their program a bit of growth.

When asked if I wanted to drop my Kevin Bacon degrees from 8 million to zero I immediately said yes and made 3,000 references to Footloose and the hit Jennifer Anniston film Picture Perfect. It was so hot on Saturday it felt like 6,000 Degrees of Kevin Bacon. I was so sweaty, everything I was wearing was sweaty. Past and future versions of me were sweaty.

I get along famously with children. I think they can sense that most of my apartment is covered in Back to the Future memorabilia making us kindred spirits. I bonded with one little girl (who’s name I never got, sadly) over making flower bracelets because honestly I’ve always been good at pulling live things out of the ground and killing them for the sake of beauty.

Our photographer, Andy, was wearing a Bruce Lee T-shirt. Naturally my new friend didn’t know who Bruce Lee was but I immediately let her know that his son, Brandon Lee, was far more attractive. I pulled up a photo and we compared The Dragon to The Crow. She agreed. Crow beats Dragon.

The Bacon Bros arrived and my City Blossoms pal and I wondered if they were made from real bits of bacon. That’s a valid question. They assembled their gear and began playing. They’re jazzy, with kind of a New Orleans feel to them. My new friend was very into it but not as much as the popcorn she was eating which she declared was “wonderful.”

They played 3 songs and before the third song Kevin Bacon said “This is for anyone born before 1983.” I excitedly raised my hand and my new buddy said, rather incredulously, “You were born before 1983?” to which I said “Yes, how old do I look?” She said 34. I’m 35. Maybe I was sitting under some particularly unforgiving light. Actually that’s true because the next thing she said was “You’re sweaty.”

Everyone HAPPILY AND POSSIBLY INSANELY joined in on singing “Footloose” which ended the short but lovely show on a good note, until my City Blossoms pal turned to me and asked “Do you have kids?” No, I said, but I do watch a lot of TV.

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