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As an Indian, I consider myself to be fairly knowledgeable about Indian food, but if I am being honest this has less to do with being Indian and more to do with the fact that it is one of my most favorite cuisines in the world. Sadly, we don’t have many good Indian restaurants in D.C. but the few we have are excellent and this includes Cleveland Park’s Indique. Owners K.N. Vinod and Surfy Rahman have debuted a newer, hotter, revamped Indique where the menu and cocktails are absolutely killing it.

The re-launch party promised to showcase some of the new food and drink options, so of course I was in attendance to try it all. The event itself was a blast with a chaat (street snack) table on the ground floor, where hosts were making chaat just like you were at a street cart in India. The staff expertly filled little hollow crisps with chickpeas and potatoes and spices and chutneys, which you then ate in a single bite.


Just as cool was the aperol-gin cocktails served at the main bar and the free-flowing wine available at the fantastic balcony bar. There was also a biryani station, an appam (which are fermented rice pancakes) station where staff topped the pancakes with spices cubes of paneer, which are then eaten with your hands (this is Indian food people!). There were also passed dishes like teacups filled with soup, cauliflower pecorino kulcha (bread with nuts and cheese and cauliflower) served with a spicy green herb chutney, sweet potato chaat and cauliflower chili fry. It was all.so.good. I ate until I couldn’t breathe.

For dessert we sampled gulab jamun (little dumplings) served in a sweet syrup, cardamom flavored ice cream, and mango lassis (a sweet yogurt drink). Gelato from Dolci Gelati infused with Indian flavors will be on the new menu (mind blown by this love match!! Indian meets Italian in the best way possible.)

The new menu has other tempting options that I have yet to sample like morel stew, shallot yucca, mini dosas, and paneer pasanda.  There are lots of new restaurants in D.C. but Indique is an old gem with a fresh face—satisfaction is guaranteed. Oh and don’t forget about their ridiculously good bottomless Sunday brunch; we covered it and we can’t stop reminiscing about it.