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Originally published November 17, 2015

I went to Iceland Airwaves (which is a music festival) in Reykjavik earlier this month, and it seems pretty absurd to try to put the eight-day trip into words (although if I had to try, I would say things like “magical” and “so great” and “I ate a lot of whale and smoked puffin and hot dogs”, etc.), so instead, I will provide you with some photos and videos to help better sum up my visit to Iceland, from seeing QT clapping along at a Kero Kero Bonito gig to the time I rented a car and drove by myself to Vík. (In order of musical appearance: KKB, Hundred Waters, Weaves, CEASETONE, Mitski, Soley. In order of food appearance: smoked puffin, salmon, minke whale which I now have a taste for // think #DEEPTUNA // SORRY PETA,  blueberry and green apple ice cream, holiday beer in tourist city, fake-out non-booze, and mixed candy, which is 50% off on Saturdays because Iceland rules.)

***Sorry if the second video makes you barf; IT IS HARD TO DRIVE A CAR AND FILM THINGS BY YOURSELF.

And in case it isn’t clear by the end of all this, YES YOU SHOULD GO. (Pro-tip: WOW Air out of BWI is hella cheap, just saying.)

(Also, LOL at license-free music.)




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