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Photos By Joey Schaefer, Words By Austa Somvichian-Clausen

Born from a nonprofit organization that supports the success of highly talented individuals, and helps them turn their innovative ideas into reality, it came as no surprise Halcyon House‘s annual Awards Gala this weekend honored talented, unique people who have made tsunami-sized waves in their respective fields. Chef José Andrés, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream were celebrated and Congressman John Delaney, who was recognized as their Policy Visionary Awardee.

The afterparty, aptly named the Neon Speakeasy, was a celebration of creativity, visionaries, change-makers and trailblazers. Set in Union Station’s Presidential Suite, the venue’s typically stark, white walls were splashed with neon-colored lights in hues of pink, green, blue and green. It providing dark nooks for lounging with the only burst of light coming from a wall of neon-colored balloons under black light, the ultimate photo backdrop.

Halcyon Gala After Party 12

Another secret room included tables covered in tubes of neon paint, encouraging attendees to “unleash ur inner artist,” whether it be on your face or on a canvas.

Halcyon Gala After Party 16



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