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Holy bananas, you guys. The Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night (ft. Ramin Djawadi) was INCREDIBLE.

Although the line to get through security was bonkers, causing myself and a whole bunch of others to miss the opening performance of the iconic GoT theme song, the rest of the night was pretty much flawless.

A packed house bore witness to some amazing special effects, which included both fire and ice, as one might hope. Glittery snowflakes cascaded from above during sequences involving anything near or beyond the Wall, while flamethrowers shot out fiery blazes to coincide with House Targaryen, specifically Daenerys and her dragons. (I had good seats in the first place, but I was still surprised that I could feel the heat on my face from that distance. IMPRESSIVE.)

House Stark’s theme was performed by the show’s violinist, who wore what I’d guess to be one of the longest dresses in the world; it unfurled in tent-like style as a hidden platform beneath her feet elevated her to near-ceiling level. For added effect, leaves fell from above, and you could totally imagine yourself in-world standing by a weirwood tree.

Actual footage from the show was incorporated into the performance via a giant projection screen behind the orchestra, and (for better or worse) the audience was able to relive critical moments from the seven seasons of GoT that have taken place so far.

And you bet that footage included some real, real, REAL sad times, like the Red Wedding, and Hodor’s “HOLD THE DOOR” moment. I definitely lost it during the fight scene between Jon Snow’s army and goddamn Ramsay Bolton’s, though, because I tend to feel all of the things during moments which (even if retrospectively I know to be different) appear hopeless. Actually, I’d be lying to you if I said I didn’t look like a total emotional wreck for the majority of the show; as someone who identifies as House Stark (and someone who was also on her period), it’s tough to watch your bois get slaughtered all over again to beautifully executed live music. I’d have felt weirder about it (you know, crying into my $13.50 cup of Bud Light) if the two girls sitting to my right weren’t also furiously wiping away tears. (It was a safe space for #FEELS.)

Of course, one of my FAVORITE parts of the evening was when they performed “Light of the Seven”, which plays during the suspenseful lead-up to the wildfire massacre (orchestrated by Cersei) in King’s Landing. Listening to it live while watching the events unfold on-screen was next-level, and at the end, the stage was engulfed in flashes of green light for a (quite literally) explosive finish. If Cersei chooses violence, I’ll have what she’s having.

It was also just great to be in the company of so many fellow nerds, you know? People got a bit rowdy in the second half, presumably because they’d had time to reload the booze arsenal during intermission, but I was 100% here for that – big cheers for Arya Stark? YES, YES, A THOUSAND TIMES YES!

And by the grace of god, the orchestra performed the theme again at the finale, so anyone who was flipping their shit (aka me) that they’d missed out on such a critical moment could rest easy.

As I walked out, it appeared I wasn’t the only one who was completely enthralled with the show; nearly every person I passed was excitedly uttering words like “SO DOPE!” or “HOLY SHIT!” and I wholeheartedly agreed! (Also, shout-out to the dude who ran for the elevator, yelling “HOLD THE DOOR!” – that’s some quality real-life joke application!)

In sum, if I was stranded on a desert island and could only pick one live musical performance to come with me, this would undoubtedly be it. Anything that can evoke so much emotion in the span of about two hours is GOALS.