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By Priya Konings 

Despite the frigid temperatures, D.C. residents flocked to the first ever EdibleDC Drinks Invitational with hopes to drink away the cold, and may I say they did so quite successfully. The event debuted at the charming Longview Gallery, featuring small plates from local chefs and food crafters alongside beer, wine, cocktails from liquor distillers and craft makers from Philly, Richmond and New York. In others words, Longview Gallery was filled with twinkling lights, prohibition-era decorations, and food and drink stalls where you could get some bangin’ small bites and seriously awesome cocktails.

From mini cocktails made with Bloomberry Sweetshine’s infused moonshines to a warm, buttery concoction by the Catoctin Creek Distillery and a bevy of beverages from the Green Hat Gin distillers, there was something for everyone at this boozy affair.

Zentan’s newest lead bartender, Matt Allred, offered one of the best drinks of the night. The simple blend of Japanese whiskey with house made cherry blossom syrup was surprisingly addictive, giving a preview of warmer times (can cheery blossom season come any faster?) and highlighting the wildly trendy Japanese whiskey hibiki. Other great choices included Compass Rose’s gin and Aperol cocktail as well as Belle Isle Craft Spirits “smoky old fashioned” with smoked moonshine.

Yes, there was food, but the booze completely erased all memories of not only the food, but also the miserably cold weather as well. If you didn’t get to attend, come next year!