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By Sloane Tucker

When I heard word of a performance art piece featuring an orchestra, a light show, and other visual effects, I thought I knew what to expect. The show the Artisphere put on surpassed said expectations. ‘Transcending’ is the right word. (Right?)IMG_9546

Artisphere is a cultural center for fresh and contemporary art that’s debuted outside the district in Rosslyn, Virginia. Contributing artists come from everywhere. The Visuality project took creative minds from Danish filmmakers and Spanish composers and so on.













This piece had something for a wide variety of art lovers, including music, animation, lyrical dance, and funky lighting effects. If that still didn’t satisfy you, an actor working on the project sat in a makeshift study area and read Edgar Allen Poe to the tune of the symphony and melancholic lighting, which was personally my favorite part.IMG_9634

If you’re into cultural hubbubs featuring the emerging art world, you can’t not check out Artisphere. Their calendar shows promise with exhibitions and performances scheduled in the next few months. Whether you feel you need more culture in your life, or you already have it goin’ on, take a visit to Rosslyn.