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Words by Mitchell West/Photos by Morgan H. West

Counter Culture Coffee had a small event to celebrate their new beer  with Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. Called “No Middle Ground,” it’s a coffee IPA, nicely served alongside pizza and pour over coffee.

“No Middle Ground” was brewed by Counter Culture at Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp, which is basically a camp for adults where you get to make a beer with Sierra Nevada’s brewers. This one uses Counter Culture’s cold-brewed Haru coffee; Mosaic, and Calypso hops were used along with an experimental hop variety dubbed “291.” The hops gave the beer a huge, fruity nose with very little bitterness. The fruit coming from the hops played well with hints of coffee in the background, creating a very flavorful and drinkable beer. It was interesting to try the beer alongside a cup of the actual coffee.

Unfortunately, as with most other Sierra Nevada Beer Camp offerings, the beer will not be available commercially (grrrrrr), but you can get the Haru coffee through Counter Culture.