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Words By Julie Espinosa, Photos By Armando Gallardo

What do Gnomes, beer and empanadas have in common? Nothing really, but if you were among the lucky ones who got a ticket before one of the best-kept secrets in town got out, you were probably at Chouffefest last Saturday night.


But what is Chouffefest? Well, it’s a lot of fun and strangeness mixed together with several pints of Belgian beer and a few hundred gnome hats.

This year’s Chouffefest, which has been touring the good ol’ U.S. in cities like Brooklyn, Cleveland, Chicago and a few more, took place at Dupont’s Toolbox. Visitors were able to savor 4 kinds of Belgian craft beers, get a nice pint glass, taste some of Julia’s empanadas, take photos on giant chairs, send letters to your love ones, get a freshly made screen-printed poster, play with the different games they had (giant Jenga, chess and connect four) and check out an awesome brass band – all for 10 bucks! The event is put together by a Los Angeles-based creative agency by the name of Bagavabonds.


Now you might be asking yourself: So what part do the gnomes play in all this or was it just all part of a bad trip? Well, rumor has it that gnomes were the ones in charge of hand-crafting the Belgian Ales and who eventually shared the secret recipe with the Chouffe’s founders in the late 70s.

At 10 dollars a ticket and with a plethora of fun activities to embrace, the crowd was quite pleased (and just enough inebriated) with their investment this past Saturday.


After a successful tour throughout the U.S. Chouffefest doesn’t have any future dates on the calendar but we are sure that this will certainly make its way back as the organizers seemed quite happy with the turnout. As for the crowd, they were just all happy no gnomes cast any spells on their puritan souls.